AWS Re:invent Day 3 Highlights

  • Storage: $0.25 per GB-month to $0.10 per GB-month
  • Reads: $0.25 per million read request units -> $0.31 per million read request units
  • Writes: $1.25 per million write request units -> $1.56 per million write request units
  • Time Series Tables where you have a table per time period and can transition older tables
  • Using DynamoDB TTLs to clean up old data and use DynamoDB streams to replicate to an archive table using Infrequent Access
  • Support for redrive to other services like EventBridge which use SQS as a DLQ
  • API support for starting, stopping, and monitoring redrive tasks




Senior SRE @getsentry

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Michael Warkentin

Michael Warkentin

Senior SRE @getsentry

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